The benefits of adding fruit to your water and skincare

July 01, 2020

The benefits of adding fruit to your water and skincare

The Benefits Of Adding Fruit To Your Water And Skincare


If there is one thing we should all be doing is keeping our bodies adequately hydrated, and we at Posie Cosmetics like to do this is by adding fruit to our water and skincare. However, we have noticed that when most people think of staying hydrated, they usually assume drinking water. According to the CDC, daily fluid intake is defined as the amount of water consumed from fruits and vegetables, drinking water, and other beverages, not just water.

Keeping hydrated is not beneficial only for the body but for the skin. On the opposite side of the spectrum, being dehydrated affects the health of your heart, kidney, metabolizing fat, it can even cause premature aging. 

How many times have you heard, "Make sure you're drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day”? Probably more times than you can count. But what if you don't like the taste of water or find drinking plain ol' water to be boring. And if we find something boring, we tend not to partake as much as we should. So, to help you to drink more H20, Posie Cosmetics is sharing some ways you can get excited about drinking water by infusing it with fruit. By adding fruit to your water, you can get all the flavor minus the calories, refined sugar, and artificial sweeteners.

Fruits are also a powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants that your skin so thoroughly deserves to stay looking healthy and youthful. To prove it, we want to share how certain fruits can be a healthy option for your skin. See these below, with some fruit infused water and fruit enriched skincare.


Drinking-Water Infused With Fruit

Our skin is the largest organ primarily made of water—when it's deprived of water, it suffers, like releasing hormones that lead to inflammation and speed up aging. And who wants that? The answer is no one.

Also, drinking water with fruit is a fantastic way to flush out toxins and boost skin health. Hence, what better way to drink your way to gorgeous skin than by adding fruits with the most skin-enhancing ingredients, for example.


The Detoxifier

Lemon Water

If you want gorgeous glowing skin, lemons can help to give you a detoxification boost along with...

Helping with digestion by increasing the liver's enzymes, ultimately improving the skin's overall appearance.

  • Lemons contain alpha hydroxy acid, which is great for anti-aging.
  • Enriched with antibacterial properties, making lemons extremely useful when it comes to blemishes.
  • Lemons are high in vitamin C, helping to destroy free radicals and toxins.


The Antioxidant Boost

Strawberries- This tasty, juicy fruit is bursting in vitamin C, folate, and powerful antioxidants that prevent collagen destruction—one of the significant causes of wrinkle formation.


The Mega Fix

Cucumbers-Are mega hydrating and full of some fantastic antioxidants essential for soft, supple skin.


The Hydration Hit

Watermelon-Not only does this fruit hydrate as it is 92% water, but it helps to flush the body of toxins! And let's not forget about the antioxidants that can help to fight free radicals.


The Tropical Defender

Tropical Fruits (pineapple, guava, papaya) - Another free-radical defender. Tropical fruits are packed full of vitamin C that aids the body in producing collagen and contains a large amount of vitamin A.


The Beauty All A ‘rounder Recipe

Hopefully, you can see the many benefits of adding fruit to your water and with that we decided to share a recipe. A mix of strawberry, lemon, cucumber, and basil is one of our favorites, and the benefits are endless!


Strawberry, Basil, Cucumber & Lemon


  • 3 basil leaves, muddled
  • 1 strawberry, sliced
  • 3-5 slices of cucumber
  • 2 lemon slices
  • Ice
  • Filtered Water


Applying Skincare Infused With Fruit

Feed your skin! As pointed out healthy skin starts with healthy foods that contain good-for-skin vitamins and minerals. Fruits also contain potent enzymes, that when used topically, are amazing at exfoliating the skin and brightening the complexion. So, wouldn't it make sense to find skincare products containing only the highest quality fruit ingredients used to create beautiful, healthier skin? We think so, see some of our top picks from Posie's skincare line. 


But First, Acai

Sahara Rose Bubble Mask

Enriched with Acai fruit extract, this bubble mask is loaded with antioxidants, delivering prominent levels of vitamins A, C, and E.  Acai fruit is strongly associated with anti-aging - more than any other fruit! 


A Berry Good Cleanser

Fresh Berry Cleanser

Bye, bye damage caused by free radicals with Posie's Fresh Berry Cleanser. Packed with antioxidant vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties, this berry cleanser refreshes and brightens tired skin while fighting off environmental damage caused by free radicals.


Toner With A Twist Of Lemon

Natural Astringent Toner

A blend of safe, herbal astringents, this toner will purge excess oil from your skin while balancing its sebum production. It also contains lemon peel extract that helps fight acne, pigmentation, and dark spots. 


A Tall Glass Of Water For Your Face

Hyaluronic Face Cream

Hyaluronic acid is a star ingredient in the skin naturally occurring in the body; it attracts up to 1000 times its weight in moisture.


This ultra-hydrating, face cream infuses the skin with a multi-layered moisture system to instantaneously recharge and restore the skin's suppleness. Packed with superior ingredients, rich in Vitamin A like Apricot Kernel Oil essential for nourishing and restoring the skin! 


In Conclusion

However, you choose to add fruit to your water and skincare, the most important thing to keep in mind is to find what you like, drink it, and use it often.