March 02, 2021


The Best Techniques To Applying Skincare

No, we are not talking about the order in which to apply your skincare products. While this is important, today, we are talking about the actual technique to applying your skincare, using motions such as dabbing, rubbing, patting, pressing, etc. We know you are probably thinking, you're kidding me right, why does this even matter. Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news but applying your skincare with the wrong technique can cause skin damage, leading to premature aging.


So, if you want to find out the best techniques to applying your skincare, continue reading.


Grandma's Technique Of Rubbing In Your Skincare

How many apply their skincare comes from a tradition they probably learned from their mother, who was taught from her mom the rubbing technique she learned at the makeup counter at a big department store.  


But the sad truth is that while many think this will help the skincare penetrate deeper by forcing it in. This forceful rubbing action also pushes the delicate skin into folds, which over time leaves creases and fine lines on the face, like ones caused by repeated facial expressions.  


You see, the skin is a delicate organ; yes, it is an organ one of our largest ones, and the way we treat it can either prevent and maintain or induce and inflict damage. Aggressive rubbing causes an inflammatory response underneath the skin, which aggravates skin conditions and may also cause premature skin aging. So, then what should you be doing?


Cleanse Your Face Like A Pro In A Circular Motion

What do you mean, cleanse my face like a pro? How difficult can it be to wash my face? Isn't it straightforward? Well, there is a way to cleanse your skin correctly, and no, this doesn't include using bar soap and water unless you want to mess up your skin's PH balance, which allows for more bacteria and yeast growth, leading to skin irritations and breakouts.


Properly removing makeup and other grime your skin has been exposed to is a difference between healthy, glowing skin and aging, dry, acne-prone skin. 


When applying your cleanser, the goal is to apply it in a CIRCULAR motion. Either with a device with soft bristles or with your fingertips. Whatever you do, avoid using a washcloth as these can be too aggressive as most people use them wrong and end up pulling and tugging on the skin (which also leads to premature aging). 


You should wash your face for about 30 to 60 seconds. Use semi-circles on the sides of your nose and big circles up and out across your forehead. Rinse with cool water and pat your face dry with a clean towel to avoid irritation. 


Looking for a gentle cleanser? We recommend our Fresh Berry Cleanser for its ability to balance oil without stripping the skin’s natural barrier.


Another circular motion product is a toner. Toners are excellent at:

  • Post-cleansing.
  • Helping to remove any leftover residue from your skin.
  • Purging excess oil from your skin while balancing its sebum production. 
  • Soothing, skin tightening, and pore shrinking.
  • Prepping the skin for better absorption of your other skincare products with that dampened skin effect. 


The best way to apply a toner is to use a cotton pad applying in gentle circular motions once again.


Apply Serums And Moisturizers By Patting Them On

After using a toner, you then want to apply your treatment-focused serums. The trick is to prioritize the most critical ingredients; these are the ones you want to use first as these ingredients you want to penetrate deeper into the skin to get the best results. When applying, use your fingertips, patting it on and then smoothing it out, but not thoroughly, as it is best to let the formula absorb on its own. (plus, you do not want to be wasting it on your fingers)


You then want to seal them in with a moisturizer with firmer pressure than you used to apply serum. Placing your hands in a prayer position, move from the middle of your face outward.


And remember, when selecting a moisturizer, one size does not fit all. Keeping the skin properly moisturized is essential to healthy, younger-looking skin. But what most are not familiar with is what if you are not applying it correctly or have chosen the wrong formula. A poorly chosen product and sloppy application can lead to sagging skin, breakouts, or even worse, dry, cracked skin that can allow bacteria to enter the moisture barrier, causing inflammation, redness, even infections.


The first step in picking the proper moisturizer is to know your skin type and then find a formula to fulfill those needs.


Oily Skin- There is a myth that you do not need a moisturizer if you have oily skin. The truth is if your skin is dehydrated, it compensates by creating more oil. Hence, you want to look for a light, oil-free moisturizer.


Dry Skin- You want to look for something that can provide long-lasting hydration and contains antioxidants and minerals to defend against free radicals.


Sensitive Skin- Look for products that do not have harsh fragrances and chemicals to them.


Dehydrated Skin- Yes, this is different from dry skin; if this is you, a product with hyaluronic acid is your savior.


Combination Skin- Go for a product that offers multi-layered moisture.


Bonus Application Tip: When applying a serum or a moisturizer, you never want to pull downwards in quick motions. Instead, you want to use gentle pressure (pressing or patting) in a circular upward direction, think of lifting the skin. Not only can this help the active ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin’s surface. The warmth from your (clean) fingers can also help open the pores for better product absorption, stimulate lymphatic circulation, and increase blood circulation.


Show Your Eyes Some TLC By Dabbing On An Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is much thinner, making it more prone to dryness and quicker to show aging signs. Lack of sleep, squinting, and constant eye movement also hasten the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 


Dehydration is another a common under-eye problem that can cause fluids to collect under the eyes—leading to puffiness and dark circles. So what can you do to bag these under-eye woes? We recommend a plant-powered eye cream to brighten and smooth the under-eye area for a refreshed look.


How To Apply An Eye Cream

Because of the delegate skin, application for an eye product is one of the most important as the eyes are one of the first things people see. It is also one of the first areas to show aging. Hence, we recommend using your ring finger for the softest touch. And apply by DABBING the eye cream with light pressure. A heavy hand can tug and pull on the delicate skin; it can also cause further irritation to the eye region, which is the last thing you want, so be cautious in this area. 


If you’re looking for a new eye cream, we suggest our Natural Botanical Eye Cream. This potent cream can be used twice per day to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, and crepe skin. It can also be kept on hand to revitalize occasionally tired eyes. Pale yellow with an invigorating natural apricot scent, it’s the perfect cure- for under-eye woes.


As we hope you can see the way you apply your skincare products is just as important as what’s in them.  Now, please, go pamper your skin and bask in the glory of skincare knowledge.