The Facial 411: Everything You Need to Know

December 12, 2019

The Facial 411: Everything You Need to Know

Despite daily brushing, we still visit the dentist for our semi-annual cleanings. We faithfully follow our exercise routines to ward off future diseases. And when the common cold gets the better of us, we head to the clinic. So why is it when it comes to facials, we see them as pampering rather than a principal part of our wellness? After all, the skin is our largest organ, and the face is more exposed to the elements than any other part of our body. It’s time we start thinking of skincare as health care, so here’s the 411 on why you need a facial.


    What is a facial? 

    Facials address the skin around the face and neck. While treatments vary, the most common facial starts with cleansing and exfoliating the skin. Extraction follows for clearing clogged pores that produce pesky blackheads and whiteheads. Next, the skin is stimulated with a gentle massage. A mask tailored to your skin type then is applied to tighten, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin. Facials end with a serum or moisturizer for skin hydration.


    How often should I get a facial? 

    Ideally, you should schedule a professional facial every four to six weeks. However, if time and budget are limited, at least get a facial at the change of every season. You can bridge the gaps between visits with great at-home products that will keep your skin healthy and happy. 


    What are the benefits of facials? 


    • Reduces stress – facials have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension, as well as negative feelings.
    • Cleans the skin – think of how many times you touch your face in a day or the number of chemicals it contacts. (On second thought, maybe don’t think about it – yikes!) Facials provide a deep cleanse specific to your skin type, and exfoliating removes the dead cells accumulated on the skin’s surface that give us that dull, tired appearance.
    • Fights aging – we aren’t getting any younger, but our skin doesn’t need to act its age. Facials promote cell regeneration and collagen production, which helps preserve that youthful look for as long as possible. Facials also help even skin tone. Dark spots result from aging, hormone changes, or unprotected sun exposure. Facials can help return you to the brighter tone of your younger days. 
    • Gets the blood flowing – researchers in Japan found that facial massaging with a roller increases blood flow in the face by as much as 25%, and the immediate circulation improvements last for more than 10 minutes. More oxygenated blood aids our skin and muscles while also carrying away waste like free radicals that damage cells. While the massage happens on the outside, it promotes skin repair and cleansing from the inside.
    • Boosts absorption – if you’re frustrated with spending money on cosmetics or other products and not seeing the benefits, it’s time for a facial. They improve the skin’s ability to absorb products effectively, making your face the perfect canvas for that next beautiful look.


    How should I prepare myself for a facial? 


    • Tip #1 – Have an honest conversation about your skin. The esthetician is an expert, so leverage that knowledge to understand your skin and how best to care for it.
    • Tip #2 – Avoid the sun after a facial. Your skin will be slightly more sensitive than usual. If you do go in the sun, always wear sunscreen of at least SPF 15.
    • Tip #3 – Avoid washing your face with soap for 24 hours. Soap chemicals can dehydrate skin and negate the treatment you just received.
    • Tip #4 – If you need an excuse to skip the workout, your facial is it. Exercise before your facial or wait for about a day because heat and sweat can irritate newly treated skin.
    • Tip #5 – Avoid shaving the face for 24 hours before your visit. (Yes, facials are essential for guys too!)


    What do I need for at-home facials? 

    The building blocks of an excellent facial include a cleanser, exfoliator, mask, and moisturizer. Posie Cosmetics has you covered. We recommend starting with our Pure Mint Exfoliating Cleanser for a two-in-one boost. Our Sahara Rose Bubble Mask delivers oxygen and antioxidants to nourish, brighten, and tone the skin. Finish up with the Vitamin C Serum and Refresh Cream Gel Moisturizer to fight free radicals and keep the skin hydrated.


    That’s the 411 on facials. Now go find a date in your calendar to schedule a little “face time.”